This is my quality project for English (if the url didn't tip you off). Do you like the title? It was going to be "Quality Project" but I thought "Quality" was so much more original. I'm just that creative. But not really.

...You know who's that creative? YOU! Yeah, I know you're all super talented, creative, awesome, wonderful people (who I'm extremely jealous of, by the way) and so I wanted to have a project where all you wonderful people can have all your wonderful stuff shown and seen and totally loved by all the other wonderful people.

I was thinking this would be like a gallery where you guys can submit your own work, which can be pretty much anything (see submit guidelines for details) and also browse through what everyone else has submitted. FUN, right? YES.

It's on Tumblr, because it's a really good site for this sharing/gallery/blog type of thing (a blog IS kind of like someone's own personal gallery, in a way) and everyone likes Tumblr. There's no comments, because I don't want this to turn out like Youtube and there's the submit option, because I know if I just let anyone post anything directly onto the page, BAD things will happen.

Want to submit something? Click Submit. It's below.

Want to view comments, questions and feedback I've gotten? Click View Feedback. That's below, too.

Any other questions? Go to

What His Music Also Looks Like by Lisa Kusaka

What His Music Also Looks Like by Lisa Kusaka